Thank you for visiting us and exploring Santa’s Magic Things and the Santa’s Magic Detector application!  Santa’s Christmas magic is a truly wonderful thing and we have found that Santa leaves traces of his magic all around us!  While you can’t see this Christmas Magic, we’ve developed Santa’s Magic Detector to help you find the magic that is all around us.  Santa’s Magic Detector will scan for Santa’s magic and notify you when it is found!  


Santa’s Magic Detector must be properly calibrated for the best results.  There are two calibration modes for you to choose from as described below, be sure to select the mode that works best for your search style.  You can select Normal Mode or Enhanced Mode with the toggle at the top right of the home screen.  Please visit our Santa’s Magic Things store to find special items to use with Enhanced Mode.  You can also find more information about the application and its modes in our Frequently Asked Questions page and our Product Tutorial page.   


Normal Mode is a very simple mode and will find the smallest traces of Santa’s magic by pushing the “Scan” button.  Once magic is found, the Magic Detector will reset, and the “Scan” button can be pressed again to search for more Magic!  Since small amounts of Santa’s magic are always around, this mode is a surefire way to find Santa’s magic!  We find this mode best suited for younger searchers who want to find Santa’s magic everywhere.  


Enhanced Mode will search for more concentrated magic and will only detect magic on special items that Santa has been near or touched, such as gift tags, wrapping paper and stationery from Santa’s workshop, or cookie plates or mugs left out for Santa when he visits.  If you are using Enhanced Mode but are not scanning these special items, the Magic Detector will not be triggered, so you should switch back to Normal Mode to detect Santa’s Magic.  We find the Enhanced Mode more exciting for older searchers who want to know exactly which items Santa has left for them or touched on his visit (and who sometimes grow skeptical or bored when magic is found too often in Normal Mode).  Younger users also love to use this mode to confirm that Santa has interacted with a specific item.  However, only certain items hold Santa’s magic long enough to be detected in Enhanced Mode, so be sure to visit our Santa’s Magic Things store to find a variety of items that capture and hold Santa’s magic in concentrated amounts!  Please also note that Enhanced Mode works best on newer devices as it uses advanced technology to detect Santa's magic.  Older devices should still be able to search in Enhanced Mode, but may need to be closer to the item to detect Santa's magic or be used in Normal Mode.  Please see the Frequently Asked Questions page for additional details regarding the use of older devices.